Jack Bass

The Transformation of Southern Politics

By Jack Bass and Walter DeVries

Not since V.O. Key, in his classic Southern Politics, written in 1949, has anyone attempted so thorough an examination of southern political attitudes and developments, looking at each state as an individual entity as a part of a collective political group.

Published in 1976.

Selected Works

STROM: The Complicated Personal and Political Life of Strom Thurmond
The definitive biography of the legendary conservative Senator from South Carolina, with new revelations about his life and career.
Taming the Storm: The Life and Times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. and the South’s Fight over Civil Rights
“A splendid biography of this legendary federal judge.”
–John Grisham
The Orangeburg Massacre
A thoughtful and thorough exploration of a stained page in American history.
Unlikely Heroes
A vivid account of the Brown decision implemented by southern federal judges committed to the rule of law.

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